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The year of 2005, a year full of vigor, starts. We need your support and attention as we always do!
Interested in joining us? Career opportunities Shindenshi Corporation exist in many functions.

3D Vision tester ESV-708I adopting the side camera
NewEquipped with a side CCD camera. the new model ESV-708I has greatly increased the testing capacity and shortened the checking time.
Now on sale! 
。、With 2 CCD color camera, the testing time now are efficiently saved.
ESF-2003 Functional Tester ESF-2003
A new product after 30 years' experiments on electric testing technology. We will provide our customers with applicable products with all our efforts.
。、Computer under Windows operating system.
。、Special CPU.

。。 。。 Shindenshi Corporation takes being the number one in electronic industry, especially in testing technique field, as her own goal. In her over 40 years of history, she has developed several products in the world. For example, the PCB tester: in-circuit tester and vision tester, etc. products are sold briskly and easily in Japanese market and other countries.
。。 In a new market, we always persist in taking 。ーthe number one。ア as our and then make every effort towards 。ーthe only one。ア.

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