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Functional Tester ESF-2003

The functional tester developed on the basis of our experiences in electric parameters testing technique.

Accumulated with 30 years of experiences in electronic testing, Shindenshi Corporation develops this ESF-2003.

Shindenshi will provide suitable products to customer for their need. 

1」ゥ Adopting WINDOWS Operating System   2」ゥ Adopting Special CPU
The control system is completely running in the Window2000 OS, so the tested data can be freely applied in other application software (such as EXCEL) and Internet, which greatly increase the flexibility of the data application. Adopting special CPU, which makes the real-time processing in auto testing become possible.
3」ゥFlexible Expansibility
Besides having the basic functions of the general FCT, the products are designedly for customers。ッneeds and flexibly added optional functions, which can meet the testing needs of various designs and manufactures. Furthermore, after changing the model, interface, pattern and data cable, etc. hardwires, the testing program can be directly called out from the computer.
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